Are you a shoe lover? If so, there are no shoes on Earth like an Italian one. Find here all the reasons why to buy a pair of italian Oxford shoes for men!

First of all, what is an “Oxford shoe” and when should you wear it?

The Oxford shoes for men were named after Oxford University and this shoe style did not appear in North America until the 1800s. Mens leather Oxfords are formal lace-up shoes with the “facing” (where the eyelets are located) sewn under the vamp. It’s this closed lace system that provides a slim silhouette that hugs the foot’s contour and gives it a sleek and elegant feel.

There are several types of Oxford shoes:

  • Oxford shoes with plain toe 
  • Oxford shoes with cap toe
  • Oxford shoes with wingtip
  • Oxford shoes with semi-brogue
  • Oxford shoes with full-brogue

The plain toe Oxfords shoes are clean and formal, without toecap or brogue details. The clean design makes them the smartest of men’s dress shoes and a footwear staple for weddingsceremonies and black tie events.When we talk about mens Oxford dress shoes, we surely talk about black plain toe Oxford shoes with shiny leather and real leather sole.

The Oxfords shoes with cap toe have an extra piece of leather on the toe, giving a more versatile look to the shoe. Mens brown Oxford shoes in polished leather are undoubtedly the shoe to opt for if you’re suiting up for a formal gathering. Depending on your outfit, you could also go for blue or black Oxford shoes in polished or plain calf leather. Regarding the sole, we advice a real leather sole with anti-slip rubber insertion, so you don’t have to worry if the gathering is happening indoor or outdoor.

The Oxfords shoes with wingtip feature a pointed toe cap shaped like a “W” that extends along each side of the shoe. The Oxfords shoes with semi-brogue have perforated toe cap edges, with decorative perforations in the centre of the toecap.  The full-brogues Oxfords shoes have both semi-brogue and wingtip. A pair of hand-colored brown, blue or bordeaux leather Oxfords with broguing details are undoubtedly perfect to step everyday in the office. For summertime mens suede Oxford shoes are a must-have in the wardrobe.  And on winter weekends opt for a multi-colored Oxford shoe with broguing details and rubber sole: perfect to be worn with smart casual outfits and jeans.

How should Oxford shoes fit?

Since Oxford shoes have the closed lacing system, they have a closer fit and a little room for adjustment. The best way to check that your Oxfords fit correctly is to lace them up and check the spacing between laces. If the space is too large, the shoes probably fit too small. If there is no space between the laces, the shoes are probably too big.

5 reasons why you should buy mens Italian Oxford shoes

  • Made in Italy means finest craftsmanship: the unmistakable eye for details and ultimate quality are the results of more than 100 years of expertise;
  • Made in Italy means wellness: premium leathers and hand-made stiches are a guarantee of comfort;
  • Made in Italy means sustainability: sourcing products locally – within the area – is not just a trend, it is also an important step towards sustainable business practices, since it minimizes the environmental impact, making the community happy;
  • Made in Italy means uniqueness: each product is crafted by hand, therefore it shoe is unique!
  • Made in Italy shoes embody elegance and beauty: Italians grew up with beauty in art, sculpture and architecture from the Roman Empire onwards. Ultimately, beauty it’s part of Italian taste and culture, in the approach to life. When it comes to footwear, the shoes that most symbolise Italian elegance and beauty are surely handmade Oxford shoes for men.


Where the “Made in Italy” tag comes from? 

The tag “Made in Italy” has been used since 1980 as a guarantee of fine quality, authenticity and an unmistakable sense of style. Since 1999, Made in Italy has begun to be protected by associations such as the Institute for the Protection of the Italian Manufacturers. When it comes to footwear, Made in Italy often means: Made in Marche

What does “Marche” mean and how is it related to footwear? 

The Marche region is located in Central Italy and it has one of Italy’s most important industrial districts specialized in the production of shoes. The district is located in the two provinces of Fermo and Macerata, in the southern part of the Marche region. The Marche footwear district – also called “Shoe Valley” – has the largest concentration of shoes and accessories producers in Europe: 3.000 producers, 500 shoe components firms, 50,000 workers. 75% of shoes Made in Marche are exported to Germany, USA, Russia and increasingly Asia.

Historically, the mix of creativity and entrepreneurial skills were provided by the “share-croppers”: farmers and tenants of the land, which was rented from the landholder. As opportunities developed, they abandoned the land, transformed themselves into craftsmen and started working in factories, showing to be responsible and enterprising. Since they desired to create an independent company as an offshoot of the original company, they subsequently became sub-suppliers and therefore small businessmen. 

Nowadays in the Marche region a large proportion of companies are still “family businesses”: the founder embodies all the ancient know-how which has been handed down over time from generation to generation.

DIS – Design Italian Shoes – born in Marche footwear district – employs the best local craftsmen to create top quality custom  italian leather shoes, all strictly sealed by the “Made in Italy” tag. Handcrafting  italian shoes for men and more specifically custom shoes, it’s a very complex process: just think to the fact that more than 220 steps are required to make one pair of italian shoes, your own and unique shoes!

Become the real protagonist of the artisanal production process: use our 3D Configurator to choose your favorite Oxford style, play with 50M custom combinations to design your own and get it handcrafted in Italy in just 10 days

Create the perfect Oxford shoes, as unique as your identity. Get inspired by our Oxford gallery.