Wedding Edit: the right shoes for fabrics and colors of the groom’s suit

Be prepared for the big day! Tie the knot in style, choose the right outfit to express your personality, but make sure it’s also elegant, sleek and comfortable. Read our tips on how to wear the classic, simple and elegant wedding suit. Find out which shoes to match depending on the fabric and color of the dress!

The classic suit is a safe and evergreen choice: you can opt for a wool and mohair or wool and silk fabric, three buttons, a back slit, four buttons on the sleeve and welt pockets.

What are the most classic options of colors of the classic groom suit?

Certainly, the most common colors are the various shades of blue (such as cobalt, dark blue and midnight blue), but also grey, black and, for those who want to dare, white. Let’s see the colors in detail.

Blue groom suit

Blue shades are the symbol of calm, tranquility and balance. A blue wedding suit combines formality and versatility. The association of blue to the contexts of the Navy makes it a formal, charming and serious color. Also, its versatility comes from the fact that a classic blue suit, especially a dark blue one, can be safely reused for formal business occasions or other ceremonies. 

The same holds true for shoes: if they are high-quality, Made in Italy, handmade and treated with care, they can enjoy a long life! If one wants to add a touch of lightness, we recommend an ivory or light-colored waistcoat that recalls the bride’s dress. On the other hand, electric blue can be a more original choice (certainly more eye-catching) in order to soften the seriousness and formality of the ceremony. While dark blue suits all complexions, constitutions and ages, electric blue is recommended for a young groom with a darker and more slender complexion.

Which shoes should I match with a blue wedding suit?

If you’re not willing to step outside your comfort zone, we recommend lace-up shoes in elegant and bright leathers to create a sparkling and perfect atmosphere for the ceremony: go for shiny leathers or blue patent leathers!

Totò: the formal shoes par excellence. Oxford shoes of English inspiration with a pin in a brushed blue leather. Comfortable fit guaranteed.

Verdi: Smooth Oxford shoes, quintessential English-inspired formal shoe in dark blue shiny leather. Comfortable fit.

Pertini: Smooth wide fit derby with open lacing, recommended for those who have a consistent instep, in dark blue shiny leather.

Frank: Smooth Derby shoes in blue shiny leather recommended for those with an important instep. Comfortable fit.

Are you looking for something very classic and extremely sophisticated? Choose a model made with finer materials, such as real crocodile leather.

Cesare: Smooth dark blue brogues in genuine crocodile leather. Formal shoes par excellence of English inspiration. Comfortable fit.


Are you still undecided? Try with models that combine different glossy, printed or opaque.materials

D’annunzio: Elegant and contemporary double buckle shoes in shiny blue leather and blue damask. Comfortable fit.

Romeo: Iconic tassels loafers in damask leather, the perfect combination of refinement and comfort. Comfortable fit.

Romeo: Tassels mocassin in blue shiny leather. Comfortable fit.

Lapo: Double buckle loafer in deco dark blue leather and mask in blue crocodile print leather. Comfortable fit.

Grey groom suit

La semplicità è la qualità fondamentale di un abito grigio e per un look dalla linea slanciata ogni singolo dettaglio svolge un ruolo decisivo, in particolar modo la calzatura.

Consigliamo una scarpa allacciata in lucido o vernice nera per illuminare il grigio e non passare inosservati. 

Grey shades recalls the idea of protection, formality and wisdom. A charcoal grey wedding suit is inspired by a formal morning dress or half morning suit and it is definitely the second best option after blue if one prefers formal weddings. 

On the other hand, light grey on light fabrics has become a great summertime trend in recent years: ideal for daytime and less formal ceremonies. Clearly, always be careful not to outshine the bride’s dress!

Simplicity is a fundamental quality of a grey suit: every single detail plays a decisive role, especially the footwear.

We recommend a lace-up shoe in shiny or black patent leather to brighten up the grey and not go unnoticed.

Pertini: Derby liscio con calzata larga ed allacciatura aperta, consigliata per chi ha un collo del piede importante, in pelle lucida nera.

Smooth derby shoes with wide fit and open lacing in black shiny leather,recommended for higher insteps.

Verdi: Smooth brogue shoes, quintessential English-inspired formal shoe in shiny black patent leather. Comfortable fit.

Verdi: Smooth Oxford shoes, quintessential English-inspired formal shoe in black shiny leather. Comfortable fit.

Frank: Smooth Derby shoes in shiny black leather, recommended for higher instep. Comfortable fit.

Alternatively, those who prefer something dimmer can go for soft brogues or derbies in calf leather or models that combine different materials (as glossy and matte effects).

Totò: Oxford shoes with pin, formal shoe par excellence, of English inspiration, in black calf leather. Comfortable fit.


Black groom suit

Black is the color of elegance and exclusivity, it is overwhelming and mysterious. This outfit includes a black jacket with a straight cut with two or three buttons, black trousers, a vest of the same fabric, a white shirt, a tie and a clutch bag. Black is the third most popular color for winter or evening weddings as it enhances the body and evokes strong emotions.

For a total black look, we recommend black patent leather shoes. For a touch of color and brightness, we recommend playing with accessories, such as a tie, clutch bag, cufflinks and of course: shoes.

Totò: Oxford shoes with pin, English-inspired formal shoes par excellence in black patent leather and silver laminated. Comfortable fit.

Totò: Oxford shoes with pin, English-inspired formal shoes par excellence in shiny black and shiny gold laminated. Comfortable fit.

Andrea: Oxford shoes with pin and decorative perforated details, English-inspired formal shoes par excellence in shiny black and shiny gold laminated. Comfortable fit.

White groom suit

Would you like to give your look a little sparkle with something fresher and less formal? We recommend trying a three-piece suit in a wool and silk blend or a cotton and linen blend in lighter tones, such as white. Be sure it has three buttons, double back openings, three buttons on the sleeves and welt pockets! Beware, there are some rules to follow!

First of all, you have to deal with the bride because the traditional white should be reserved to her. Furthermore, white is not a suitable choice for evening weddings, but only during the day. Also, we recommend white suits to slender, dark-skinned and dark haired grooms.

In this case more than ever, shoes and accessories play a fundamental role!

Try to match the colors of the accessories to those of the shoes: combine brown, black, blue with white.

Luigi: Oxford shoes with pin, English-inspired formal shoes par excellence in polished dark brown leather. Wide fit.

Casanova, Smooth slipper in shiny black patent leather, perfect to give a touch of light to your outfit. Comfortable fit.

Lapo: double buckle loafer in printed leather and mask in glossy black patent leather. Comfortable fit.

Lapo: Double buckle loafer in crocodile printed leather and decò blue. Comfortable fit.

Autumn / winter wedding

It is necessary to understand properly what to wear for the autumn and winter seasons: in fact, you have to pay attention to the fabric, or rather, its weight. What does weight mean? It indicates the weight of the fabric. For an autumn or winter wedding, we recommend 100% wool, wool and silk blend or wool and mohair blend with a weight greater than 270 g / m. Obviously the colors you should prefer are dark colors, such as midnight blue, charcoal gray and black.

Concerning the shoes, opt for lace-up shoes: derby or even better, brogues, synonymous with undisputed class.

We recommend to match a 100% wool fabric with hand-painted Brogues in crust calf leather, whose color can be customized according to the suggestions just given.

Cesare: Smooth Derby shoes, English-inspired formal shoes par excellence in coffee calf crust leather. Comfortable fit.

Tiberio: Lace-up shoes with open lacing that makes them easy to put on. Decorative perforated details on the top.  You can apply real Swarowskis on the tip, to get an even more refined look. Comfortable fit.

Spring / summer wedding

In primavera/estate puoi indossare un abito in misto lana e seta o comunque tessuti naturali e non sintetici, con grammatura 240 gr/m. Puoi osare colori più vivaci come il blu elettrico, il bianco, il grigio chiaro e le tonalità pastello. 

Se preferisci rimanere sul sobrio e non ti piacciono le scarpe lucide allacciate di cui abbiamo ampiamente discusso, ti consigliamo una mocassino con nappine in crust calf, colorato a mano, una pantofola in pelle stampata o l’iconico mocassino con morsetto in pelle deco.


 In spring  and summer seasons you can wear a wool and silk blend suit or natural and non-synthetic fabrics, with a weight of 240 gr / m. You can go for more vibrant colors like electric blue, white, light gray and pastel shades.

If you prefer a sober look and you don’t like the shiny lace-up shoes that we have extensively discussed, we recommend a moccasin with hand-colored crust calf tassels, a printed leather loafers or the iconic moccasin with a deco leather clamp.

Claudio:Refined tassels mocassin, a perfect combination of refinement and comfort, in dark blue calf crust leather and dark brown tassels. Comfortable fit.

Casanova: Smooth slippers in printed leather, perfect for unforgettable events. Comfortable fit.

Gianni: moccasin with horsebit in decò leather and silver accessory. Comfortable fit.

For those who love to stand out with colorful accessories, we offer a moccasin with fringe in crust calf leather, hand-colored and customizable in every detail.

Nerone: moccasin with fringe and tassels, in crust calf leather, hand colored. Comfortable fit.

When choosing footwear, what are the 4 useful tips to avoid making mistakes?

  1. To be impeccable, shoes must be new, clean and high-quality, as you will have to wear them with pleasure for hours and hours!
  2. If your outfit is very formal, the sock must be the same color as the shoes. If you prefer a more modern outfit,socks can have a different color with respect to the shoe.
  3. Consider adding a unique detail to transform your shoe into a unique piece of inestimable sentimental value: add an engraving to your shoes (yours and her initials; your names, the date of the wedding or a phrase that represents you).
  4. Match your shoes with a belt of the same color and leather. Have your initials engraved on the belt as well.