4 Reasons to Buy Genuine Crocodile Leather Shoes

Crocodile Leather is a very luxury and durable material! Check out how to style your crocodile leather men’s shoes in the most fashionable way!

Crocodile leather is among the most valuable and loved leather by those who do not want to give up on style by showing off luxury accessories. It is important to distinguish real crocodile skin from the crocodile print. Crocodile print leathers are notably different from the real ones. When we see an accessory, be it a bag, a shoe or a watch with a surface that resembles crocodile skin, it does not mean that it really is. The crocodile print leather is made by printing the crocodile leather pattern on the calfskin. Through special presses, a design resembling real crocodile skin is imprinted on the calf leather. 

scarpe coccodrillo

The real crocodile skin besides being expensive it is also limited

But how to recognize the real crocodile skin from a printed one?

The real crocodile skin, generally used for shoes, bags, clothes and fashion accessories, is easily recognizable compared to the crocodile print. The first difference is in the pricing. The real crocodile leather is more valuable for its characteristics and for the difficulty of supplying. It is therefore more expensive than any other leather. This should be a first alarm bell but, unfortunately, there are scammers who disclose the crocodile print for real crocodile skin. It is therefore necessary to know other factors that allow us to differentiate the two leathers in order not to fall into the traps of the scammers. The exotic skin is softer to the touch than the printed one.

But what is the difference between alligator and crocodile?

Many tend to confuse the two reptiles because, aesthetically, they are very similar but in reality there are anatomical, behavioral and adaptation differences between the two animals. Alligators and crocodiles have skin of a similar color, but the crocodile has spots and dimples on the edges of the crest, a feature that the alligator does not have.

scarpa coccodrillo

When you are going to buy a genuine crocodile leather accessory it would be appropriate to:

1- Touch the leather and make sure it is very soft;

2- Carefully observe the leather to find that there are cracks in the scales;

3- If the price of the shoe or bag you are buying is considerably higher than the same accessory, even from the same brand, but in calfskin, don’t worry it’s normal! Crocodile skin is a very precious leather.

Differences between crocodile and alligator scales?

There are some small differences between crocodile and alligator scales and they must be taken into consideration to spot fakes. For the crocodile, the transition from the belly scales, which are generally larger, to those of the hips (smaller) occurs rather gradually than the alligator.

pelle di coccodrillo

The umbilical scar (a star with an elongated shape placed between the scales of the belly) distinguishes the alligator, and this feature is often reproduced in the print since it gives prestige to the leather.

boot cocco

To recognize that it is crocodile skin, it is important to carefully observe the leather. Unlike the alligator, the crocodile has pores that can be noticed especially after the tanning phase, in which the hair on the scales is removed.

Do you know what CITES is?

CITES is an abbreviation for “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”. It is an international agreement between governments aiming to ensure that the international trade of wild animals does not threaten their survival. Nowadays certain species of reptiles are threatened with extinction: levels of exploitation are high, plus there is a risk associated with their habitat loss. That’s why the CITES document is needed to export products made of real crocodile or alligator leather.

Crocodile accessories are timeless must-haves accessories, suitable for those who love to pamper themselves with the highest quality products that underline a refined and elegant taste that no one else can afford easily. 

But due to moral ethics and to expensive prices, the more affordable crocodile print was introduced. DIS creates both high-end accessories with real crocodile leather and printed crocodile leather. See all types of DIS leathers.

scarpa elegante

DIS offers calfskin with crocodile print: this is resistant and shiny.


DIS offers also the Exclusive collection, made up of elegant and refined models, which can be customized to your liking using premium leathers. Among these models we can find the elegant and timeless CESARE brogues and the versatile CLAUDIO loafers.

scarpa marrone cocco

All the models belonging to the Exclusive collection can be customized by choosing fine leathers such as that of African antelope leather, characterized by soft and silky fur. The bright and intense colours make it completely unique.

cura della scarpa

The Exclusive collection leathers also include crust calf leather, which is exclusive full-grain calfskin that is particularly soft and silky to the touch; Braided calf leather, that is to say full-grain calfskin that is entirely woven by hand, giving it an unparalleled texture and softness; Corvovan effect leather, which is Calfskin with a “Cordovan” effect is created through a laborious natural tanning process that gives it inimitable shine, flexibility and softness, as well as resistance.

So which are the 4 Reasons why you should buy Crocodile shoes?

  • Crocodile leather is very soft and give the shoe extra comfort;
  • Crocodile leather had the cracks in the scales: imperfections that make it beautiful and stylish;
  • Crocodile leather is rare and therefore conveys luxury;
  • It is resistant like no other leather.

How should you take care of real crocodile shoes?

Crocodile skin is precious and also more delicate compared to normal calf leather. However the more time passes, the more it acquires prestige if cleaned properly. If you have a real crocodile, alligator or python shoe, follow these important rules to clean:

shoes crocco

Remove, with a soft cotton cloth, dust and dirt from the shoe;

For cleaning it is recommended to use specific qualitative products;

Never use products for calfskin on exotic leathers, you could damage the precious leather;

After cleaning, do not put the shoes in real crocodile skin in boxes or envelopes, but allow the skin to breathe in environments with dry air;

It is necessary to avoid dropping liquids on the shoes otherwise they might get damaged;

Do not leave the genuine crocodile leather shoes exposed to the sun, this could cause dryness of the skin and put its shine at risk;

Do not expose the shoes to too cold temperatures, therefore do not think of letting the shoe take air outside and in the middle of the winter season, because low temperatures could cause cracks;

Remember: If the real crocodile shoe gets wet, it is necessary to clean it immediately with a soft damp cotton cloth, and allow it to dry indoor with naturally dry air, away from any source of heat.

Now that you know all about exotic leathers, enjoy creating your own custom shoes in genuine crocodile leather. Look at the entire Exclusive collection and create your unique shoe!