Oxfords or Derbys are well known for their elegant design and refined lines, also thanks to their leather soles. Recently we have seen an increasing use of rubber soles, that is to say soles made with different synthetic materials, such as PVC, thermoplastic polyurethane, ethyl-vinyl acetate (EVA) and others.

However, leather soles are still the first choice of those who want to look elegant. The “rubber” soles are lighter and more comfortable, but the bon ton rules are clear: to look like a real gentleman you need a suit and shoes with

What are the advantages of choosing leather soles?

  1. Breathability: the leather soles have the advantage of letting the foot breathe and keep the inside of the shoe cool and dry.
  2. Resistance: the leather sole is more resistant than the soles made with other materials. 
  3. Temperature regulation: the leather sole allows a good temperature regulation. An important factor and not to be overlooked, especially for the summer season. 
  4. Avoids “shocks”: rubber sole can create an electrostatic shock. To avoid being hit by such discharges, it is recommended to wear shoes with a leather sole, a material that significantly reduces the risk;
  5. No allergies: using leather for shoes can reduce the risk of allergies
  6. Maintenance: once worn, shoes with a leather sole can be resoled unlike those with a rubber sole which, once damaged, must be thrown away.

How is a leather sole built?

Leather is a natural material that undergoes a tanning processes to become resistant and ready for use.

The raw material, or animal skin, is a waste product from the food industry. It therefore fits into a virtuous context of circular economy.

In addition, there is only one tanning method that allows the hides to acquire the characteristics necessary to become sole leather: vegetable tanning in the tub with tannins.

Slow tanning in the tank is a traditional method, over the centuries it has remained practically unchanged. But how does it work? Animal skins are immersed in tanks containing increasing concentrations of water and tannin. The process, which lasts several weeks, allows to obtain results that even modern tanning methods cannot overcome.

With this method there is room only for a single tanning agent: tannin, 100% natural substance, extracted from vegetable sources, such as chestnut and quebracho wood, oak galls or tare pods. The extraction process requires only the use of hot water, without any type of chemical additive.

Are you eco-friendly? Then soles in vegetable tanned leather are the way to go.


This is why:

The production uses recycled materials and tanning agents of natural origin;

Choosing a leather sole means bringing home a lasting product that is not harmful to the environment around us;

At the end of the shoe’s life cycle (around 10 years), vegetable tanned leather and leather can be disposed of as organic waste. In addition, these can be transformed into fertilizers for organic agriculture. Fantastic right?

Do you want to know more about DIS leather soles?

Together with the shape, the sole is the most important part of every shoe.

Designed to protect the foot, it plays an important role in the shoe’s comfort and wearability.

All our soles are made exclusively with the highest quality raw materials to ensure that they last and are perfectly comfortable to walk in.




To begin, you simply have to choose the sole that fits you best.

DIS offers three types of leather sole:

1- LEATHER 4 mm

4mm-thick fine leather sole without a welt, with a closed bottom and narrow milling to emphasize the shape. The laser etching adds a sophisticated touch.

  1. LEATHER 8 mm

8mm-thick leather sole with welt stitching and laser etching


This leather sole with a non-slip grip and flat welt combines leather’s natural breathability with the advantage of having a central rubber non-slip grip, perfect for rainy days and smooth surfaces.

The finishing touch? 

A personal inscription to the shoe sole! A unique and personal detail that distinguishes you and identifies you like never before, transforming your shoe into a unique piece with an invaluable emotional value.

With DIS you can add an engraving to your shoe shole: your initials, your name or that of an important person, a date that marks a special occasion or a phrase that expresses and represents you.

You can choose whether to place it on the side of the heel of the shoe sole or under the sole.

You now know all about leather soles, so go to the website www.designitalianshoes.com and design your own custom leather shoe with custom leather sole!