When you receive an invitation for an important occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and gala dinners the first questions are: “How should I get dressed?” and “”Which are the right shoes?”. Here are some tips to be flawless and never go wrong with dress codes. Learn helpful tips on how a man should appropriately dress for every occasion.


  1. White tie
  2. Black tie
  3. Black tie optional
  4. Creative black tie
  5. Cocktail (after Five)
  6. Formal business
  7. Casual

First of all, let’s clarify what a DRESS CODE means.

A Dress code indicates a set of rules for clothing that people are kindly invited to follow, especially if invited to important events.

The dress code, in addition to improving aesthetics, guarantees uniformity among the guests so that no one can feel “out of place”. Let’s see the 7 most common dress codes.


Did you happen to receive an invitation with the indication “Dress code White Tie”? This dress code represents the maximum expression of elegance and formality. It requires the tailcoat, a white shirt, a waistcoat and bow tie of the same color. How about shoes? Of course they must be lace-up in black, even better if in shiny black.

dress code shoes



The Black Tie is very popular and also very elegant: it is usually used for special events held after 8 pm, such as award, ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, important dance evenings or special birthdays. “Black Tie” means: tuxedo and bow tie strictly in black to be combined with a white shirt, worn with the collar points down. Shoes must be shiny black lace-up shoes and they should be worn with black silk socks.


dress code


Among the dress codes there is a subcategory of black tie: optional black tie. Elegance is always a must, but rules are not so strict. The tuxedo can therefore be replaced with a dark suit, and the bow tie with a tie with dark colors and formal tones. Remember that the tie is mandatory, giving it up would be a serious mistake that would lead you to an irreparable fall in style!

Curiosity: The tie originally had the appearance of a scarf. It was worn by soldiers, during the reign of Louis XIII, to protect themselves from the cold. Around 1650 the tie was worn around the neck by the court of King Louis XIV, and from then it became popular all over Europe. Initially it was worn by the wealthy and dandies. Over time, the tie has taken on a leading role in every man’s outfit. After the industrial revolution it took different shapes – more elongated and narrower – than the original. Currently the most expensive tie, embellished with gold threads and 271 diamonds, is worth  189.190 €!



Among the most extravagant subcategories of the classic and formal black tie, there is the creative black tie. This dress code allows to wear colors, while staying formal. Taking inspiration from the black tie, it is recommended to wear a black tuxedo and bow tie, but adding some colors on the vest or on the waist band. Be careful, do not opt for colors that are too flashy, otherwise you lose elegance. We recommend combining a black tuxedo and black bow tie with a vest that recalls dark gold tones, in order to stand out but with class. For this kind of outfit we recommend to wear Oxford shoes, possibly with an element like toecap or eyelets recalling the color of the vest. The DIS Totò oxfords shoes with gold toecap would be perfect for this elegant but creative outfit. Look at the DIS Totò ‘men’s shoes, and customize them all!


dress code


The name already suggests the hint of lightness of this outfit. This is the dress code for aperitifs, informal dinners or events that take place after 5pm, but which do not necessarily require a rigid dress code and that can be managed either with casual suits or even without a suit. For the colors, dark tones are a good choice but, depending on the occasion you can dare a little more. We recommend two outfits:

dress code

If you really want to amaze your friends, combine a simple dress with an animalier shoe that recalls the dress colors. Come out of the belief that the animal print is excessively eccentric: if combined in the right way the outfit will be balanced and smart.

dress code


It is the dress code for business lunches or conferences. The suit should have a plain color like gray or navy blue and it should be matched with a white or blue shirt. Generally the darker the color of the dress, the more formal it gets. The goal of this outfit is to convey seriousness and professionalism. And the shoes? See the whole DIS business collection, and create your own custom shoe.

dress code



It leaves the maximum freedom of choice, so it’s not really a “dress code”. Leave all your suits and formal wearing at home! The keyword is: “comfort”. Wear chinos and t-shirts for a walk on the weekend. And for shoes: of course a timeless white or colored sneaker in real calf leather. Look at the new Mercurio DIS sneakers.


Heading to a wedding, baptism or funeral? Don’t know what to wear.

Read our tips!

For Weddings: guests should avoid dressing in black, it is an elegant color but it may seem too funeral-like; white should also be avoided since it is reserved for the bride.

Flashy colors like bright red are too bright for the occasion, better avoid them. 

Opt for soft colors such as gray, beige or blue. If the event takes place in Spring/Summer, go for pastel-colored clothes, suitable to combine with custom shoes with your own engraving and you will not go unnoticed. Look at the men’s shoes with DIS engravings.

At funerals, do not wear sporty suits or jeans. Wear a sober dress with plain dark colors and opt for dark derby shoes.

For ceremonies such as baptisms, you can opt for colors, just make sure not to go overboard with your dress. The shoes, especially men’s shoes must not go unnoticed. With DIS you can create your own shoes: look at all our styles and customize the one you prefer.

What else to add, now that you know exactly how to style your outfit, design your custom shoe! Be different, be yourself! www.dis.shoes