Having trouble in finding men’s shoes in size 8? Why not making your own shoes?! Read our guide and discover more about handmade Italian Shoes for Men

Many men tend to have large feet and dress outside of the average size. But who thinks of those with small feet? Finding small men’s shoes on the market is as difficult as searching for large shoe sizes. DIS is the solution for men with small feet! From today you will no longer have the problem of finding the right shoes in small sizes. At DIS, handcrafting shoes in large sizes or in small sizes has never been a problem. If you are looking for small size shoes you are in the right place, because the solution to your case is: the custom-made shoe.

DIS- Design Italian Shoes gives you the opportunity to create custom shoes by choosing not only model and color, but also leather, sole and laces. You also have the possibility to have the sole engraved with the initials of your name.  If you have an off-size foot, you are in the right place! Once you have created your shoe you can select your size. DIS manufhandcrafts custom-made men’s shoes in all sizes: from European size 35 to 52. Which is to say men shoes from size 2 to size 16 American.

Are you no sure about buying shoes online? Do you have doubts about the right size for you? No problem, DIS has thought about this too. For those who want to be sure of their size, DIS offers a free trial shoe service. See all about the free trial shoe.


Follow the following steps step by step if you want to live a true Italian tailoring experience!


Step one: let yourself be inspired by our handmade Italian men’s shoes. DIS offers a wide choice of models such as Oxford, Derby, Boots, Sneakers, Loafers, Brogue and Buckles.

Step two: customize the model with the 3D Configurator. You can configure, with a few simple clicks, different types of footwear by changing leathers, colors, accessories and soles. In this way you can create your own custom shoe.

Step Three: Just as the tailor takes measurements for the waist, measuring the feet is an important step in making perfect, tailor-made shoes.

Don’t worry, measuring your feet is easy, just follow the following 3 steps:

  1. Foot length;
  2. Ball Circumference;
  3. Instep Circumference;


Wear socks. Stand up straight on a hard surface on an A4 piece of blank paper (or a US letter) with your left foot. Hold a pen upright in a 90 degree angle to the paper. Trace the outline of your foot. With the measuring tape or a ruler, write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 27,4 cm). Repeat using your right foot. If you have doubts about the size, our specialists will help you to find the right size and to recommend models, colors and leathers suitable for your needs. 



Place the measuring tape under your left foot. Measure the circumference around your foot at the widest point, usually where your toe joints meet your foot and write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 22,3 cm). Repeat using your right foot.


Touch the highest point of your left foot, usually around the arch where your leg joins the foot.  Place the measuring tape around the middle of the arch. Wrap the tape around it to find your measurement, write down the size, including millimeters (eg: 22,3 cm). Repeat using your right foot.

Step three: Complete with the purchase! When you get to the cart you can add custom engravings to the shoe and also a matching belt. After selecting the size of your shoe, proceed to checkout.


Do you have an Apple smartphone?
Take measurements with the DIS Foot Scan app. It takes 3 simple photos to know your DIS size, download the DIS Foot Scan application available on Apple store for all iOS smartphones, and immediately begins the process of scanning the feet. You will know the right size to buy on the whole DIS collection in a few minutes thanks to our innovative measuring system. Learn more: https://www.designitalianshoes.com/en/shoes-try-on-services