Every man should own a pair of suede leather shoes. Why? They are elegant and timeless. Here is our quick guide to know how to wear them.

Suede is made from the underside of the calf skin, which gives it a softer texture. After some treatments to remove hairs and increase durability it gets coloured and it is ready for use.

Suede shoes are usually considered more casual than polished leather shoes. However, a pair of dark coloured suede brogues or loafers will work well with a suit and elevate any smart-casual outfit.

Suede leather is also a great solution for sneakers since it makes the shoes more comfortable. Plus, if you have a plain outfit in grey or brown, a good pair of suede sneakers in bright colors can really jazz up the whole outfit.

So how to wear your suede shoes?

  • The most iconic suede shoes are the Desert boots: also called “Chukka boots”, they are ankle-high leather boots with open lacing and two pairs of eyelets; They were originally designed by Nathan Clark, who was inspired by the British military boots in early 20th century. They are called “desert” boots since the British officers got them from a bazaar in Cairo and loved them for their lightweight and good traction on sand. Traditionally made in light-colored suede, they are now also very popular in dark shades of brown and blue. They are perfect for men who tend to dress more casually with jeans and chinos.

For winter: suede ankle boots. They are comfortable and versatile, and can be both casual or smart when styled well. Match brown suede boots with a brown shearling jacket and jeans for a casual style. Opt for a camel overcoat and navy dress pants if you’re going for a smart fashionable outfit. If you go for a navy overcoat, choose white chinos instead!

Suede shoes guide (3)

For summer, pair suede tassel loafers with no socks (or invisible socks) with your suit: they will give you an elegant yet modern look.

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If you want to look more casual, match suede college loafers with chinos or jeans.

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For the office, pair a dark brown or black suede brogues with rubber soles, to give a casual yet refined twist to your office outfit.

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  • For a classy weekend out, choose elegant suede sneakers: an Oxford-like sneaker, a Derby-like sneaker or a Double monk sneaker with running sole. These sneakers are inspired by the timeless classic shoes ad therefore they give a smart-casual twist to any outfit.
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What is the tip to rock in your suede shoes?

Match your suede shoes with a suede belt. A fine belt it’s not a mean of holding up your pants, it is a statement of style, just like shoes!  But be careful: both shoes and belt need to be of the same exact color. Very often it is difficult to find a belt exactly matching the suede type and color of your shoes, but we have the solution: www.designitalianshoes !

DIS – Design Italian Shoes, is a winning solution for those who want to stand out and express their personality designing and wearing classic customised shoes for men – 100% Made in Italy. DIS production is made in Le Marche region, inside traditional workshops, protectors of a 100+ years old tradition: they shape the so-called “Shoe Valley” network, the Made in Italy footwear district which is our worldwide pride for shoe manufacturing.  All DIS shoes are crafted by hand and more than 220 steps are required to make a single shoe. All shoes have a Blake construction, meaning that the outer sole gets stitched directly to the insole, in order to give max flexibility, comfort and lighter weight. 

With DIS everyone can design their own suede shoes and match them with a personalized belt. Give it a try!

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When did suede shoes become popular?

Edward, the Duke of Windsor in the 1920s used to wear dark brown suede shoes with navy suits. In1950s, “Teddy Boys” – a British subculture of young men wearing clothes inspired by dandies – wore shined Oxfords and suede “brothel creepers”. Brothel creepers were shoes with thick crepe soles and suede uppers. Between 1955 and 1966 suede shoes became popular on dancing floors thanks to Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly: all of them released different version of the song “Blue Suede Shoes”.

How do suede shoes get cleaned?

Due to its lightweight and tanning process, suede leather is a very delicate type of leather, therefore it requires a special care. Here’s a guide to clean suede shoes from various types of stains and some tip to take care of them.

Suede leather tends to accumulate dust which over time can lead to the formation of some unsightly streaks. Therefore:

  • If suede shoes are discolored due to these streaks, gently remove them with a brush with rubber bristles
  • If suede shoes are ruined by time you can rely on the suede for shoes, use Fabric dye (eg: Dylon Suede). The spray format is very easy to use, just apply it on the shoe about 20 cm away.
  • When storing suede shoes, put them in a dry place and inside pillowcases to protect them from dust;
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How to remove oil stains on suede shoes?

Suede leather is more delicate than calf leather, therefore its cleaning is different. 

First rule: never clean suede shoes with talcum powder (like we advised for calf leather shoes). 

Second Rule: don’t apply water on the stain. Suede leather is a porous skin which tends to absorb water: if you apply water on it, the stain will get  bigger. 

Third rule: to remove dirt, oil stains, grease, you should rub the area with a dry gum eraser until the stain is removed. Don’t worry if the area gets lighter after the rubbing. Then rub the the entire shoe with  the dry gum eraser to make a general cleaning. Once they are clean, spray a coat of suede protector spray on your shoes. This will help prevent further stains and marks. If you use a colored spray, make sure to choose the color closest to the suede leather. If you do not want to take risks, you can simply choose a neutral spray to give the shoe shine and protection. 

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Do you have questions? Contact the DIS team, we will be happy to give you more tips to take care of your handcrafted shoes!