Find out which animal species represents you and get customized your shoes! From Zebra print shoes to tiger shoes! Find out more!

Animal print shoes never go out of style: they are an evergreen. Over time it has never stopped attracting, catalyzing attention and being present in the wardrobe of those who do not want to go unnoticed. There are even those who consider it as “new black”. Animal prints have different variations: the most common are leopard, cheetah, zebra and tiger leather shoes.

The animal print is synonym of extravagance and originality and it is often associated with modern times, but it is not so. Its origins date back to 12 February 1947 when the famous stylist Christian Dior showed his first animalier printed clothes on the catwalks. Since them the animalier print has become source of inspiration for countless contemporary designers.

However these prints already existed long time ago: the origins of wild fabrics date back to prehistoric times. From the beginning humans used animal skins as a source of heat and protection, but also to demonstrate their spirituality. The Egyptians were particularly attracted to the sacredness of the cats, they dressed themselves with their hides to create direct contact with gods. The word “animalier” derives from the Greek “zoote” which translated means “animal print”. Even the Greek made extensive use of these hides. Curiosity: animal skins have assumed, over time, more and more popularity and prestige. Since the eighteenth century, they have been used to furnish the homes of nobles and kings to symbolize their power and their privileged role in society.

In the 1940s the animal print became very popular. All the fashion companies after seeing the Dior catwalk in ’47, fell in love with it. Initially the animal print was used to create clothes with an exotic and elegant style. From the 1960s, the usage has evolved and in recent years also men’s fashion decided to embrace it.

Curiosity: the jungle-like fantasy was used by Valentino on his catwalk in ‘87. He won the title of “King of the jungle of fashion” on the Toronto Star. Also Gianni Versace used it in the early nineties during his men’s fashion show.

The animal print is loved by those who want to get noticed, but also by those who want to give an eccentric twist to their serious outfit by wearing animal printed shoes.

How to combine animal printed shoes?

We are used to think that to be elegant you need wear classic shoes in plain dark colors. However nowadays, we have the opportunity to dare and stand out by adding animal prints to classic shoe models. The most important thing is to get it right.

The first step is to buy premium men’s shoes, such as those proposed by DIS. See all DIS models to customize.

If you want to stand out with animal printed shoes, you have to make sure your shoes are made with the finest leathers, in order to grant comfort and give to the shoe a beautiful look. Look at DIS leathers and create your own leather shoes.

Read these 5 tips on how to match your animal printed shoes:

  1. Do not wear too many colors;
  2. Wear classic plain colors like black or brown;
  3. Choose clothing based on the animalier print. A leopard-printed shoe will look great with dark jeans or trousers, a white shirt and a camel or black coat;
  4. NEVER combine an animal printed shoe with different patterns or with brightly colored clothes;
  5. If your outfit is extremely classic, animal printed shoes are not an option. Choose classic leathers in plain dark colors.

Are you planning a night-out with friends and want to impress them? 

Choose to wear an animal printed men’s moccasin and basic clothes that somehow recall the main color of the shoe. A white shirt, with beige or black trousers will perfectly match with your animalier moccasin.

Having troubles in finding the shoe style you like, whether it is a sneakers or a classic shoe, and even more troubles in finding the perfect shoe style with animal prints? No worries, DIS has the solution: personalized online shoes. Thanks to the 3D Shoes Configurator you can easily pick the shoe model you prefer and create custom handmade shoes for men. Your unique animal printed shoes are just a few clicks away from you! Create your italian personalized shoes with DIS! See all the DIS moccasins.

Do you feel more like a leopard or a cheetah?

Often we tend to confuse leopard prints with cheetah prints, even if the difference is substantial! The leopard and the cheetah are both felines that tend to resemble each other, but the difference is in the fur. The leopard skin has beige and black spots, shaped like a rose. The cheetah has black spots distributed on a lighter base. You never noticed, did you?

Now that you know the difference between leopard skin and cheetah skin, you can choose your favorite pattern. Which animal do you feel closest to? DIS offers  shoes Made in Italy in both leopard and cheetah printed shoes. To complete your outfit, combine your animal print shoes with a matching belt in the same animal printSee the DIS belts to customize.

Now that you know more about tiger shoes, become the real protagonist of the artisanal production process: use our 3D Configurator to choose your favorite shoe style, play with 50M custom combinations to design your own custom shoes and get them handcrafted in Italy in just 10 days.