Ready to step stylishly into Spring? Discover the Top 5 Shoes Color Trends for your Italian leather shoes you cannot live without this Spring.

Place your  black leather shoes, your black suede shoes and you brown leather shoes in the closet. Get ready to add a touch of blue, yellow, pink, lime and of course white to your handmade shoes. 

Curiosity: the word Spring derives from the Latin “primus” which means first and from the Sanskrit “ver” which means light, splendor.

Here are some nuances to add a touch of color to your outfit:

  • From blue to pearl gray
  • From brown to pale yellow
  • From bright pink to lilac
  • From lime to orange


1- From blue to pearl gray

Let’s start with cold colors which, despite everything, are considered the first colors to choose for spring. It is now clear that blue is considered the “new black” and this season seems to want to confirm this idea. Dark blue (but also electric blue) was in fact chosen for both classic suits and more casual outfits. It can be worn both day and evening, it is always an excellent passepartout.

Staying within the same tone category, we can move towards lighter colors: turquoise and sugar paper. With the first shade you can easily create perfect outfits both for ceremonies and for the evening, the second color, less flashy, will be perfect to wear in the office but also for an aperitif with friends. If you are a lover of this color but do not want to go too far in wearing it, you could simply choose an accessory, and why not a shoe? A light dark blue suit worn with a white shirt is perfect to be combined with blue leather shoes or light blue suede brogues. This outfit is ideal both for a quiet day in the office, and for showing up for the first aperitifs outdoors with friends after work. See all Oxford DIS shoes.

If you’re not up for a light blue outfit since you are used to wearing dark clothes, you could opt for a pearl gray, excellent for spring. Pearl gray, if worn during the first sunny days, will help even the most fond of the dark suit to change tone. You could combine a pearl gray pinstripe suit with  white leather shoes, since sneakers give the outfit a touch of spring light-heartedness. See all DIS sneakers.

  1. From brown to pale yellow

What spring would it be without warm and soft colors? It is enough to smell the first flowers that bloom to pull white pants and beige jackets out of the closet. This year we should also fill our wardrobes with clothes in cinnamon, ocher and pale yellow colors.

Cinnamon brown is often ignored in the choice of outfits, however it is a color that goes very well with white, beige, pink, but also with more extravagant colors such as red or blue. The ocher and light yellow colors are easier to combine.

From pink to lilac

The first color that makes us think of the beautiful season is undoubtedly pink. From the most subtle to the most flashy versions, pink is the only one you can never do without in the spring season. Generally pink is attributed to a female audience, but it is not so, many gentleman nowadays use this color too.

Are you a lover of classic shoes and do you not want to give up your elegant ones this spring? With the arrival of the warm season, oxford or derby shoes could be replaced by moccasins. If you want to be faithful to the main spring colors, combine a white shirt with a soft pink dress and give it a classic touch with a brown calfskin moccasin. DIS offers a wide range of moccasins, customizable with various leathers and in multiple colors. See all the DIS moccasins.

From lime to orange

Trendy spring colors are also those ranging from lime to the brightest orange. These recall the first fruits and colorful fruits which are a prelude to a beautiful and warm season. The lime color or a shade of bright orange are recommended for accessories.

Do you have doubts about what to wear? Don’t know which shoe to choose for an important occasion? Do not hesitate to contact us, our personal stylists will be happy to help you! make your own shoes, give a touch of color to your outfit with our shoe creator, customize your footwear with your favorite colors and DISTinguish yourself. Visit the website