A must have in man wardrobe: loved by Mr. F Scott Fitzgerald and Mr. Gianni Agnelli, widely adopted on American college campuses, today moccasins for men have evolved a lot and can be the perfect choice for a smart-casual event or for a very important day like a wedding.
But are men’s handmade moccasins and leather loafers for men the same?
It is time to reveal the differences between those two and have a deeper look at mens moccasin shoes.

You can call them also slip-ons, lace-less shoes, slippers. They become popular as casual shoes, but lately they have been matched with evening suits..
Which are the characteristics of a Moccasin and a Loafer? They have no laces and they are slip-on shoes. Plus, the ankle is exposed and most often they have to be worn without socks.

Let’s clarify the differences between:

  • Moccasins
  • Loafers
  • Tassel loafers
  • Penny loafers
  • Dress slippers
  • Horsebit loafer

Men Moccasins:

Men leather moccasins are often adorned with decorative accessories like tassels or laces and they have originally rubber soles. Amongst all moccasins, we love mens suede moccasins. Let us give you a few options rather than black moccasins or white moccasins: add some colors to your weekend with these men suede moccasins to customize.

Men Loafers

Loafers for men are traditionally not laced and with visible leather heel. They perfectly match with a suit and are the best choice when looking for mens winter moccasins.
Have a look to some leather loafers for men, perfect to walk with style in the office or to wear for a special event.

Here are some curiosities on moccasins and loafers:

  • Historically moccasins were footwear of many indigenous people of North America; moreover, hunters, traders, and European settlers wore them;
  • The word moccasin derives from the Algonquian language Powhatan word “makasin”;
  • The origin of moccasins is disputed, but King George VI is said to have wanted an indoor shoe for his country house back in 1926;
  • In 1953 Gucci launched in New York the so called “Gucci loafer”. It was black and designed to be worn with suits. It became popular also because it was chosen by Gianni Agnelli and John F. Kennedy. In 1969 Gucci sold 84,000 pairs of moccasins in their U.S. stores and by 1970s they became part of the business uniform on Wall Street;
  • What is the history of modern moccasins? All started in 1930 from Norwegian fisherman Bass Weejun who was noted by European travellers. They were impressed by his shoes, which looked very comfortable. Probably he himself began selling these shoes to these travellers and they quickly became popular, until some companies started the production on large scale. One of the first company to begin production was G.H. Bass: founded in 1876 by George Henry Bass, they started the production of the first loafer – the Bass Weejun – in 1936;
  • Why is it called “Penny” loafer? The penny loafer is characterized by a particular cut that creates a small pocket in the front of the shoe. In America kids used to keep a penny in the slot of their loafer in the case of an emergency pay-phone call home: this is where the name “Penny Loafer” comes from;
  • Which are the most popular types of moccasins and loafers?
    • Tassel Loafers: The first tassel loafer was launched in 1950. Their are timeless and can be matched with suits, jeans, chinos and shorts. See some DIS tassel loafers. Great for everyday wear, formal occasions, perfect with a suit. But remember: wear them without socks;
  • Penny Loafers: as we’ve seen, Americans named the Penny Loafer Shoes since two pennies kept inside the loafers were enough in the 30’s to make an emergency call. See some DIS penny loafers. Great for everyday wear, formal occasions;
  • Dress slippers: usually in shiny black leather, they are the perfect fit for formal gatherings or – in fancy patterns – for special evenings like the New Years Eve party. See some DIS dress slippers. Great for special occasions and formal gatherings, not for everyday use. Remember to wear them without socks;
  • Horsebit Loafer: it has a metal strap across the top which will remind you of a horse snaffle. In 1953 Gucci designed the horsebit loafer and they are now an iconic shoe. Perfect for business gatherings with a smart business suit, to be worn sockless;

Can a leather and a sole give a different look to the same loafer? The answer is Yes.
Try apply to your favorite loafer a shiny black or polished bronze leather on the upper and a leather sole.
Then try to apply a pebble grain calf leather or suede leather in brown and a rubber sole to it. They look completely different, right?

So make sure you get your very own moccasin.
Have a look to all our Italian loafers and moccasins for men and design your own in 3 easy steps:
Step one: get inspired by our custom made men moccasin and save your favorite styles.
Step two: customise your own shoes with our 3D Shoes Configurator. Change leathers, colors, patterns, accessories, sole.
Step three: add your monograms and a matching belt to the cart and … just wait a couple of weeks to receive everything at your door!