Italian shoes for men and women are always a guaranty to be well dressed. But how to select shoes to wear with an outfit? Discover how you can style your Made in Italy shoes!

Italian shoes are synonyms of quality of materials, meticulous attention to details, handmade cuts and stitches, sophisticated design and real comfort. But as you know, not every classic italian leather shoe is suitable for every situation. If wearing the wrong shoes you could appear out of place, if not tacky. Just like going to a wedding with ripped jeans, or going hiking with a blazer.

These tips will teach you how to select shoes to wear with an outfit no matter what the color of the outfit, the occasion or season it is. Follow them to avoid mistakes but to look smart in every situation.

Choose classic colors like black, blue or brown for professional settings, business contexts, job interviews or formal gatherings. Also consider two factors: shoe style and shoe comfort. In the office, style counts. The shoe etiquette suggests formal timeless styles like derbys or Oxfords. But the perfect men’s shoe, in addition to being stylish, must also be comfortable, especially if you have to wear them all day long. That’s why a must-have in a manager wardrobe is an elegant plain derby or Oxford in brown or black leather, with comfortable wide fit. The choice of leather for classic men’s shoes is equally important: we advise the timeless calfskin or a more shiny polished leather. Have a look to some top picks here below. A special tip to look even more refined is: monogram your initials on the heel of the shoes. See the DIS business collection.

If the occasion is an evening gathering, an important dinner or a first date the shoe must be strictly dark. Amongst all mens italian dress shoes, you could go for plain Derby, a plain Oxford or moccasins but we strongly advise the plain Oxford or Derby shoe. Oxford shoes are the most formal italian dress shoes: they match perfectly with a tuxedo or a fine evening suit. Be careful also on choosing the right leathers: bright or shiny shoes will give the outfit an even more refined look. See the DIS events collection.

Do you have an important dinner but you want to avoid being too serious wearing a black dress? Go for a blue suit, combine it with black brogues, which are always elegant. Are you wondering if blue and black can be worn together? The answer is: yes! Blue and black match perfectly and they are a timeless combo that will never undergo the fast-changing fashion trends.

And for a special events such as a wedding or a gala dinner? A black suit is perfect with a white shirt, black formal shoes and a black matching belt. If the event is inside and you want to look smart-formal, we advice shiny slip-ons: italian loafers are always synonym of class and timeless elegance. See all DIS proposals for events.

What are the mistakes to avoid when choosing men’s shoes?

Is there something that could destroy even the most perfect outfit? Yes, socks!
Unfortunately, many still struggle to choose the right ones. Don’t make the mistake of choosing short socks (how to find out if they are too short? Cross your legs and see) and never use terry socks with your smart shoes, unless you want to have that “hipster” look while wearing italian sneakers.

Here are some guidelines to follow, to never be wrong:

  1. Did you choose a blue dress? The shoe to match a blue dress should be black or night blue and the socks of a very dark shade of blue; look at all the black DIS shoes for elegant occasions.
  2. If you have chosen a gray suit, the shoes should be black or dark brown. Match them with dark anthracite gray socks.
  3. For a blue jacket, light trousers and brown shoes, socks should be dark blue, in order to match with the color of the jacket; See DIS brown shoes for elegant occasions.
  4. If you want a less classic but a more contemporary look, you can match socks with your tie or shirt.

Do you want to be safe? Combine a single-color high sock with the color of the shoe, and you will never be wrong!

So, let’s recap! Remember the DON’Ts:

  • Never wear inappropriate shoes for the occasion;
  • Never wear short socks;
  • Never wear a belt that doesn’t match with the shoes. Always choose your shoes first and combine them with a matching belt. The finishing touch? Your initials engraved on the heel of the shoes and on the belt tip;
  • Never go for cheap shoes: always look for the Made in Italy seal, a guarantee of quality, attention to details, handmade cuts and stitches, sophisticated design and real comfort.

Do you still have doubts?

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