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But when were sneakers for men born?

It would seem that the creators were the Greeks, who wore them to practice their games. The first real gym shoe dates back to the 19th century; in this period the first rubber sole was made. Intrigued by this novelty, Charles Goodyear, put in place the rubber processing, thus beginning to produce sneakers. The first to appreciate the sneakers were certainly sportsmen: tennis players, footballers and subsequently Olympic athletes! But the boom of the sneakers was in 1919 with the birth of the first basketball shoe.

Curiosity: The Converse All Stars became famous and popular because they were worn by the famous actor James Dean.

How to wear sneakers?

Sneakers can be worn with casual and formal garments. Have you ever tried to wear an office suit with sneakers? No? Well, it’s time to give it a try!

Curiosity: It is thanks to Giorgio Armani that today sneakers have become an smart accessory to be worn under formal clothes.

Sneakers are nowadays used to give a casual twist to smart outfits, while remaining cool. They are suitable for every season and for countless outfits. Their key feature is the rubber sole and the upper can either be in calf leather or suede leather.

Here are some tips for a smart-casual outfit:

Wear a blue dress with a white T-shirt or a white turtleneck polo, and then try to contrast this outfit with low-top white leather sneakers.

  • Low-top white leather sneakers are also a great match with a brown vertical striped wool suit and a light blue shirt.

White and charcoal is also a great combo. Wear a vertical striped charcoal suit and a white knit turtleneck with white  low top leather sneakers!

For the warmer days opt for a double-breasted blazer and light brown chinos, match the with a white T-shirt and suede sneakers. Make sure that the color of the sneakers is the same of the dress. This outfit is also ideal to step out of the office and go drink something – the so called Italian aperitivo!

For total black lovers, we recommend to wear an elegant black blazer and black trousers and a strictly black leather or suede sneaker. This outfit will give you an elegant yet casual look. You can never go wrong with black!

Remember that not all sneakers are the same: always opt for premium quality leather ones! Remember also that men’s sneakers, especially if worn on a daily basis, must be treated well. The care of the shoe is essential to avoid nasty smells and to keep the leather shiny, soft and therefore comfortable.

Here are some tips for men’s sneakers shoes:

  • Always buy sneakers made with premium leathers. The quality of leather is very important! Top quality sneakers, like those proposed by DIS, are fully handmade. The master craftsmen use only premium leathers, and take care of every single detail. See all DIS sneakers.
  • Take care of your sneakers! Buy the right shoe care products. Remember to wash the laces, eliminate odors and brush the outer sole. If the sneakers are in calf leather you can clean them with a brush with soft bristles or with a damp cloth. If the leather is suede, rub it gently with a suede brush.
  • Avoid sneakers with prominent and shouty logos, they don’t look so classy and sophisticated!
  • For a wedding or a job interview don’t wear sneakers at all. See all classic DIS shoes.

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