For every dad custom sneakers! Not sure how to choose? Read our guide and choose the perfect gift for sporty and casual-chic fathers.

The name “sneakers” was originally referred to how quiet the rubber soles were on the ground: someone wearing these shoes for men could “sneak up” on someone while someone wearing noisy leather soles of dress shoes could not. Due to Nicholette Jones’ book “The Plimsoll Sensation”, in the 1870s sneakers were called ‘plimsoll’. This because the coloured horizontal band joining the upper to the sole resembled the plimsoll, that is to say the line on a ship’s hull. But also because if water got above the line of the rubber sole, the wearer would get wet. In 1892, the U.S. Rubber Company introduced the first rubber-soled shoes in the country, sparking a surge in demand and production. Originally used only by vacationers, they started to be worn by sportsmen and later on for leisure and outdoor activities. During the 1950s, sneakers became more popular as school dress codes relaxed. In the 1970s, they sold well due to jogging activities. Companies became to add a fashion touch to their designs and during the 1990s sneakers became a fashion statement and were marketed as a definition of identity and personality.

Finding the right pair of luxury sneakers in real calf leather is no easy task but we’ll give you some style advices so you can help your Father designing his own.

Why we say luxury sneakers? Luxury sneakers are basically the luxury take on the basic sneakers. They can be worn with tailored trouser and unstructured suit, as well as denim and chinos. Which are the main types of luxury sneakers for men? We split them in 2 categories, depending on the type of sole: flat sole and running sole. 

Flat rubber sole:

  • Low-top sneaker with round toe and toecap: iconic and versatile, its clean design makes it a timeless sneaker;


Slip-on sneaker: inspired by skateboarding, it adds a touch of youthful verve to any summer outfit;

Sneaker boot: a timeless style and a tribute to the British culture;

High-top sneaker with round toe and toecap: a tribute to the American basketball sneaker, it adds a touch of grit to any winter outfit;

Running Sole:

Low-top running sneaker: its vintage-inspired flair makes it the perfect encapsulation of that throwback vibe, combined with modernity;

Low-top running sneaker: its elegant Oxford-inspired upper, gives this sneaker a sleek twist;

High-top running sneaker: it keeps the ankle covered for a more protective comfort;

  • Double monk sneaker: inspired by the timeless classic shoe with double buckles, this sneaker encapsulates elegance and style.


  • Check out our collection of sneakers and design your own shoe!

    So, which sneakers would we advice for a Dad?

    Business Dad:  when it’s required a strict dress code, such as black or white tie events, sneakers are a no-go. However clean sneakers in neutral shades like white, black, brown or navy can be worn to step in the office with confidence and elegance and not just on Casual Fridays. Premium quality white leather sneakers with flat sole are a great match with a slim-cut navy suit; brown or black clean leather sneakers are perfect with a button-down shirt, a modern trench coat, a sharply cut blazer and fine cotton chinos; For a more distinct look, blue leather sneakers can be worn with a slim-cut shirt with a slim or knit tie, a blazer and some slim denim.  Remember: the ideal trouser length ends just above the ankle and please remember to always leave socks in the drawer.

Casual Dad: for summer days, your dad deserves colored suede sneakers to wear with chinos or long-length shorts. Just remind him to take extra care with suede and don’t wear it too often. For an extra comfort  and to stay super slick you can advice him slip-on sneakers. When the temperature starts to drop, he can match jeans with high top leather sneakers. This classic design is a fantastic choice to wear with jeans or chinos.

  • Here’s our 6 rules your Father should follow when wearing sneakers:
    • Sneakers are no replacement for dress shoes, so tell him to avoid wearing them in every occasion (i.e. weddings);
    • Keep them clean! Tell him to invest in the right care products to wear them with confidence. Also remind him to wash laces, eliminate odours, brush the outsoles and store them on shoe trees;
    • Invest in quality: tell him that premium Italian leathers, traditional construction techniques, details such as hand-stitching and craftsmanship are key for comfort and allow a better aesthetic; So go for shoes Made in Italy!
    • Don’t advice technical shoes: they are too sporty and not very classy;
    • Don’t shout: remind him to avoid big logos on sneakers since they look too shouty; for the outfit tell him to avoid pinstripes, wide lapels and padded shoulders. If the wear sneakers with a more elegant outfit, it has to be clean;
    • Go for custom made shoes: why wearing standard sneakers when he can design his own? 

    So, how to gift a pair of custom sneakers to your Father?

    To gift a pair of custom sneakers, you can buy our gift cards to customize shoes online: you can choose the amount to gift in our Gift Card page.

    With our gift cards, you can give those you love a unique customization experience. Every gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase! Choose the amount of your gift voucher, leave your name, the name of the recipient and a personal message. You can then proceed to payment and we will immediately send the gift card to you via email, so you can decide whether to forward it or print it. Do you want a physical giftcard? After completing the payment, email to request a it.

What happens after you gift the gift card? Simple: the recipient goes to our website, chooses this favorite sneakers, customizes them choosing leathers, colors, soles and accessories, adds a monogram, follows our measurement instructions (size chart) and adds the gift card voucher code to the cart to get the gift card amount off the payment. Our craftsmen will handcraft his custom made mens shoes and have them ready in just 10 days.

So..happy shopping!