Are you looking to create your own footwear or make your own shoes? Discover how to design your own shoes and get your custom made shoes with DIS – Design Italian Shoes.


More and more people are looking for a place where to get custom made shoes but only a few people know the most important footwear district in the World – also called “Shoe Valley”: Le Marche, Italy!

Le Marche is a region located right in the heart of Italy and its footwear district has its origins in the 15th century, it evolved around 1870 with the inclusion of female labour, grew in 1945 when people abandoned work in the fields and boomed in late 1960s, thanks to the industrial production. Since more than 220 steps are required to make a shoe, bigger factories needed to outsource some stages of the production to smaller specialized local factories (eg: each factory specialized in cutting, hemming, handcrafting soles, laces, buckels, labels, etc.). This is when the “Shoe Valley” came to life.  This is where DIS came to life in 2015, when Andrea Carpineti, Michele Luconi and Francesco Carpineti invented a state-of-the-art 3D Shoes Configurator to allow the customer to become the real protagonist of the artisanal production process.  That’s why each DIS shoe encapsulates tradition, knowledge, innovation and beauty, thanks to the skilled hands of its shoe makers who every day draw, design, cut and sew all DIS custom shoes.

Thanks to the DIS 3D Configurator, the customer can choose his favorite style, play with 50M custom combinations and get it handcrafted in Italy in just 10 days. It’s a creative process that allows to create the perfect shoes, as unique as the identity of everyone.

Among all the customizable models, DIS offers some essential collections designed to fulfill the main nuances of personal taste and to adapt to the most common circumstances: custom classic shoes like Oxfords, derbys and boots, custom sneakers, custom made mens dress shoes like slip-ons and custom loafers.

DIS offers a range of value-added services that, as well as the products, blend the exclusiveness with the technological innovation. Together with the already said 50 millions possible combinations, the 100% Made in Italy made-to-order production and the delivery in 10 days, there is the free delivery of try-on shoes at home.  Basically customers buying online at need to flag the following option at checkout: “I request the free delivery of sample shoes to try-on in order to confirm my exact size” and DIS will send them a box with shoe samples to try-on

Once the customer has tried on the shoes and confirmed the correct size, DIS will start handcrafting the custom handmade shoes and have them ready in about 10 business days.

By virtue of omnichannel commerce, DIS boosts also the traditional in-store experience: with a few clicks on the 3D Shoes Configurator, purposely developed and structured to be placed inside retail stores as a touch screen, customers can customise their shoes, which have been picked up personally among the models displayed in the store, so that they can enjoy a unique experience, while the store won’t have its storage room cluttered anymore. 

Today DIS custom shoes are distributed in several premium shops, tailored stores and department stores across Europe, US and Asia.

Let’s see what the 3 founders say about their custom shoe business.

Andrea Carpineti – CEO “Our service is available online on our website and within selected sales points. Through the set up of DIS corners inside tailors and department stores we speed up the go to market abroad while evolving the traditional shopping experience. The customer can try on the shoes, touch the materials, get inspired by the models displayed in store and create their own personalized shoe thanks to the 3D configurator and the help of a personal stylist. DIS is the only Made in Italy brand to solve  one of the biggest Retail issue: the unsold stock at the end of the season. Thanks to DIS, with a minimum investment, the store gets a virtual stock of 50 million shoes, collects money in advance, doesn’t have stock and improves the financial cycle.”

Francesco – CCO “The custom footwear market will reach 92 billion dollars in 2024. Our commercial strategy is focusing on the introduction of new product lines that satisfy the most demanding tastes, especially from Asian customers. For example, we have the launched the Exclusive Collection, in which uniqueness, luxury and sophisticated details make all the difference. Plus, a new sneaker line in partnership with Vibram Group, in which the ancient artisan tradition meets technological innovation giving life to a smart casual style that is currently in great demand. Another area we’re working on is the production of customized shoes in private label for major brands and retailers. “

Michele Luconi – CTO “The heart of the system is our 3D configurator, web based, photorealistic, mobile friendly and embeddable into third party sites. It generates a unique code associated with the shoe created by the customer, which is then used to trace the process up to the production. The proprietary technology developed by us allows to fully customize the shoe, making it unique, manage the feet measurement and follow all the production phases up to the delivery of the product to the customer.”

Now that you have learned who we are, give it a try: customize your shoes at


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