Custom made shoes are a perfect match for any outfit and always add a touch of elegance. Discover all the benefits by choosing personalized shoes: learn how to customise shoes online!

Why do we say “Design your own shoes, with just one touch – your own , Our craftsmen will make them by hand for you. Premium Made in Italy quality, at your feet, thanks to the innovative tailor-made experience.”?

We say this because we strongly believe that designing your own shoes is a winning solution for those who want to stand out and express their personality. “BE DIFFERENT – BE YOURSELF” is not only our motto but also the philosophy you can aspire to as designer of your own style. Creating your own shoes – customising them with our 3D configurator – is the ultimate in expressing your own personality and taste.

Here’s the top 5 reasons why so many DIS customers worldwide choose to design their own shoes online:

  • Stand out: to wear something unique as opposite to buy a standard shoe off the shelves;
  • Impress friends: to show friends to be tech-savvy and creative;
  • Self-expression: to match the desired styles, colors and leathers in order to reflect a unique style;
  • Feel pride: to create something new and handcrafted just for you by master craftsmen;
  • Have fun: to design something and go a little crazy with the colors and patterns just for fun is a great stress-relief strategy;
  • Support environment: to handcraft only what’s needed, without generating waste;
  • Preserve the lost art of craftsmanship: to support local artisans, protectors of a 100 years old tradition;

So which are the 3 steps to create your custom made shoes online?

Step one: start by finding your style among the many shoe styles that we offer. Get inspired by our custom made men shoes and save your favorite styles.

Let’s see some shoes inspirations for 5 styles:

  • Event
  • Business
  • Relax
  • Urban
  • Exclusive

The Event collection: combines timeless elegance and craftsmanship to create custom shoes with refined details and an impeccable style, ideal for wearing on every special occasion. Amongst the top styles, we can find Oxfords, Double Buckles and Slip-ons, mostly enriched by shiny and polished leathers in black, blue and silver colors: perfect combinations to impress all guests during special occasions, like weddings, ceremonies, evening parties and formal gatherings.
Have a look to how we have interpreted this style in our advertising campaign!

The Business Collection: because in the office style matters almost as much as results! A collection designed for a sophisticated, cultured and dynamic manager with an impeccable style who loves to choose footwear with a perfect balance between comfort and elegance, without ever neglecting quality. Amongst the top styles we can find Derbies, Loafers and Dress Sneakers, mostly in hand-colored deco leather either in brown, tan or dark blue: perfect picks to walk in your own style to the office.
See how our models wear some styles of this collection in these photos and videos.

The Relax Collection: To enjoy your free time in full comfort and relaxation, a selection of shoes and custom sneakers designed so that you can walk comfortably and always keep pace with style. A perfect combination of high-quality materials, craftsmanship and trendy design for a… comfortable charm.
Amongst the top styles, we can find low-top and high-top sneakers, mostly in hand-colored deco leather and polished leather. You can wear a sneakers in the office, with plain colors like brown and dark blue or you can wear them to have fun in the weekend, so you can go for the more colored combinations, with red, green, silver nuances.
Get inspired by our advertising photos and videos.

The Urban Collection: Modern, easy, captivating and above all original. The URBAN custom mens shoes collection interprets a contemporary and modern lifestyle for those who choose not to go unnoticed, but to stand out. Amongst the top styles, we can find derbies with Vibram rubber soles and boots, mostly enriched by deco and polished leathers in brown, blue and grey colors: perfect styles for a weekend-out or to give a casual twist to your look. Take a look to our advertising campaign for the Urban man.

The Exclusive collection: The exclusivity collection, in which uniqueness, luxury and sophisticated details make all the difference. Immediately recognisable thanks to their elongated lines and toe with sharp edges, giving the shoes a design that is sophisticated and noble, just like the names of the illustrious Roman emperors used to identify the models. High-quality materials and ancient artisan techniques characterise all the shoes in the collection, which features a wide range of models, even though the standout model is undoubtedly the Oxford shoe, in all its variants, embellished with fine leathers that are worked and sewn by hand.
Have a look to our Exclusive advertising campaign.

Step two: customise your own shoes with our 3D Shoes Configurator, change leathers, colors, patterns, accessories, soles, laces. Each time you choose an option you will see in the Real-Time and Photorealistic 3D Renderings how it looks like: online shopping has never been so funny, even from a mobile device or tablet. You can even share your designs with friends by sending a link or you can share your designs on social media. When you’re happy with one design, go ahead!

Step three: add your monograms and a matching belt to the cart and … just wait a couple of weeks to receive everything at your door!

So, why wearing standard shoes when you can now create your own shoes?
Design your own shoes now with DIS, your custom shoe maker.