A special event took place on the 12th of January 2016 at Hotel Garibaldi Blu in Florence during the renowed fashion trade show Pitti 89.
Following Pitti’s main theme aka the evolution of fashion in different generations, DIS – Design Italian Shoes in collaboration with Rifle created the perfect event to celebrate Giulio Fratini, Rifle’s original founder and his namesake third generation brand owner, for the 58th anniversary of the brand.
The event was filled with exclusive food and beverage celebrating Marche region with Velenosi wines, Varnelli liquor, Kukà beer.
Giulio Fratini’s limited edition shoe was picked as 2017 trend by GQ and the shoes achieved an amazing success among the guests. Many people attended the event including buyers, bloggers, instagramers and VIP like Fabrizio Corona.
Enjoy our gallery!

The shoe itself is without laces, characterised by a high white sole, a denim vamp with refined and original stitches marking Rifle vintage rivets, took from ancient archives.
The result is a dialogue between shoes and denim worlds, giving spatial tactility to DIS world essence: tangible, artesanal, contemporary but still timeless.

For more information and preorders please write to: info@dis.shoes