[…] Another modern take on tradition is offered by DIS (Design Italian Shoes), a startup from Recanati in Le Marche, where artisanal meets high-tech through innovative software. DIS (www.designitalianshoes.com/it) allows consumers from around the world to design their own high-quality Italian shoes built to order.

“Our mission is to democra- tize luxury footwear for the modern man and also respond to the challenge of sustainability,” says Francesco Carpineti, cre- ative force and founder of DIS together with his brother Andrea and Michele Luconi. “We know the value of letting customers create their own unique pair of shoes that will be handcrafted by Le Marche shoemakers and sold at competitive prices,” he says. Once the shoe is designed online by the client through a 3D con- figurator developed by Luconi, it takes local artisans four weeks to complete the order.

“An American businessman can connect to our website, choose from various styles such as moc, tassel, wingtip or squared toe, and be creative with his shoe’s anatomy. We offer 50 million combinations based on a palette of 100 colors, details and types of leather,” Francesco says. DIS is also bringing its dig- ital technology to retail stores and soon will extend it to women’s high heels, themselves another truly Italian invention. […]