DIS is always on the go looking new inspirations and contaminations, exploring extreme customisation resulting in the latest titbit: hand painted Elemental Sneakers.
Four natural elements expressed in four exclusive artworks, completely hand painted on the upper, thanks to the collaboration with few precious and creative minds and hands.
Air, Water, Earth and Fire embody DIS personalities, the final casual leather shoes harmony, a masterpiece created by our made in Marche artists.

Choose the background colours, then just select your element artowork:
Air. Contemporary dreamer, for those who believe that ideas can change the world.
Earth. Green lover and nature lover, for the ones that go beyond tomorrow.
Fire. Untamable warrior, for those who never give up.
Water. Cosmopolitan wanderer, always seeking for new adventures.

Et Voilà! Now is the artist turn to paint for you!
But that’s not all folks… We deeply feel our soul connected with this shoes & art hybrid, and we like the idea so much that we want to give carte blanche to the most inspired and creative of you.
This limited edition can be your white canvas, in fact you simply need to send us an email with your idea or concept and this will be enough for our artists to get their hands dirty and create the shoes of your dreams.

Our artists are home-grown professionals who have been working in the industry and that have seen in our reality something innovative to cooperate with.
The outcome are unique pieces, completely hand painted artworks, tested to be water resistant thanks to a protective special paint.
Not like any other customised sneakers… Elemental Sneakers!
If you wish to know more and watch the backstage video: http://www.designitalianshoes.com/en/hand-painted-shoes