DIS – Design Italian Shoes launched at the MICAM 85 the latest innovation within the global shoe retail scenario: the future of In-store Made in Italy Shoes Customisation. The answer of the professionals and the public confirmed a success beyond the expectations: the Totem Touch Screen is the perfect answer in order to bring cutting-edge services 4.0 inside boutiques and international stores, and to further evolve the emotional experience of designing your own personalized Made in Italy shoes inside the store. Also, the preview of the new Woman Line gained a wide approval, while the Man Collections proved to be a renewed success.

More than 44.000 visitors, the 60% of whom came from abroad, this is the context where DIS-Design Italian Shoes welcomed the public of The MICAM 85 inside its first own stand: a wide space characterized by the elegant design, conceived to evoke the sophisticated atmosphere of the boutique which guests the In-Store Customization Service launched by DIS. The shoes, rigorously made in Italy and ready to be custom-made through 50 million combinations thanks to its 3D Configurator, surround the protagonist of the scene: the Totem Touch Screen.


The Totem Touch Screen seduces the buyers and inaugurates new business deals

The combination of the latest generation technologies enclosed within the Totem Touch Screen won the approval of the buyers: they appreciated the innovations addressed to the retail dynamics, like the built-in 3D biometric scanner and the proximity sensors -the devices for the automatic recognition of the displayed products- which optimize the personalization and selling operations, together with the high-tech marketing system that allows recognizing the future purchases of the customer.

Europe, Ukraine and Japan: these are the main countries from which the buyers interested in DIS- Design Italian Shoes novelties come: and their interest is now turning into new business deals. Big cities and important capitals chose DIS In-Store Customization Service for their major locations and department stores: among them, Tokyo and its renowned G-Foot retail chain, Kiev and its seven floors store in its town center, Paris, Zurich, Warsaw, until Moscow and, overseas, the USA. Countries of the world that complete the list of international and Italian cities where DIS In-Store Customization Service is already present: the list of stores that is constantly updated can be seen at the specific website page.

DIS-Design Italian Shoes among the best international fashion-tech startups: big developments and next steps

In 2017 DIS-Design Italian Shoes increased by the 300% over 2016: in 2018 it foresees to triple this result while maintaining its winning core business line.

With regard to the short-term projects, after The MICAM 85 DIS renews the appointment in China with Chic Shanghai, the International Fashion Fair. Meanwhile, DIS business strategy focuses also on strengthening the effort on developing and reinforcing the B2B services, particularly on the web side, in order to increase the functionality of the retail area of DIS website and to enhance the efficiency of the online service in-store.

DIS keeps on a very conscious commitment: investing in the traditional channel is necessary to create the omnichannel structure, which nowadays is proving to be the trump card. At The MICAM 85, in fact, DIS has also featured the application for the express check out, which allows the customer to purchase by his smartphone and to have the shoes delivered directly at home: the future of retail is already here, and it’s the evolution of the traditional point of sale, where the store undergoes a rethinking process and becomes an experiential location, sort of a virtual fitting room, supporting the in-store digital service.

According to Francesco Carpineti, DIS founder: “Relying on the new technologies is the great opportunity that must be grabbed now! If the market rules change, we need to upgrade and learn to play according to the new rules: it’s imperative that we stop fighting between online and offline dimension, in order to finally join forces within the omnichannel dimension. We’ll have a full-scale benefit: the offline has the virtue of the direct sensorial experience, it allows to touch the excellence of the products by your hands, while the online offers the virtue of the vanguard functionality. If we go along with the evolution of this scheme, we’ll do the best thing: we’re going towards the direction where the physical retail system will be made of small points of sale having the display function, and that will be supported by the digital retail and home-delivering services which will free them from the goods in stock. Furthermore, the new web marketing solutions help the selection of the right customer target, while the 3D technologies will simplify the selling operations and the contact with the physical product. Now, DIS new challenge is the virtual fitting technology”.

Man’s Style according to DIS

The Man Line proves to be DIS-Design Italian Shoes strong point: particularly the Exclusive Collection and the Sneakers, that have been featured at The MICAM 85 in the Fall-Winter version, so characterized by a color palette that is a harmony of navy blue and deep brown shades, used also in contrast, while the sole is made of a very light rubber used to give an easy wearability even to the most classic models, elegant yet characterized by a touch of uniqueness. And which are always, rigorously handcrafted by the Italian artisans of Le Marche region, using premium quality leathers.

The Sneakers too, in fact, are made of the same premium quality leathers of the more classic models: and they’re made unique by hand-painted motifs. A true artistic work which takes from 4 to 6 hours to be done.

DIS has even been selected by WGSN to take part in The MICAM fashion show: on the catwalk for the Luxury theme there was the DIS iconic D’Annunzio shoes, the blue damask pattern leather men double monk.

The Woman Line, that has been featured as a preview at The MICAM 85, gained a great approval: so it will undergo the 3D configuration in order to complete DIS offer on the website and inside the stores and boutiques.