The success of DIS in Japan continues: after the Pop Up Store at Mitsukoshi Ginza, a new customization experience in the premium store ISETAN Shinjuku.

From the 12 to the 25 December, all ISETAN customers will enjoy a unique in-store customization experience, thanks to DIS innovative made-to-order service. Thanks to the DIS 3D configurator, customers will be able to customize every shoe detail, from leathers, to colors, to the soles, up to even monogramming their names on the shoes.  All shoes will be then handcrafted by the best DIS Italian mastercrafters in just 10 working days.

The customization experience is dedicated to DIS classic shoe line and also to the Exclusive Line, which is DIS jewel in crown, made with premium materials like premium calf leather colored by hand and Nile crocodile.

The DIS Pop Up will be placed placed on the Basement 1 floor of ISETAN Shinjuku, within the area dedicated to Made To Measure luxury brands.

The artistic display windows, conceived and developed by DIS, are inspired by Opera, as symbol of the cultural and artistic contaminations between Japan and Italy. The popularity of Opera in Italy, in fact, led to the development of an unprecedented genre of music called “Japanese Opera”, which in return influenced the Italian Opera. Thus, DIS depicts orchestra directors – symbolically represented by hand colored leather shoe parts  – that do not direct a musical symphony, but rather a crafted symphony. Just like DIS, which directs with mastery, harmony and innovation the symphony of artisan know-how, to bring the best of it to each consumer, in a unique and original way.


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