Thursday, December 17 at 19.00 at the restaurant LA.VI. Via Tomacelli, it stops in Rome Shoemakers event on Tour. From the heart of Marche, in the capital reaches the traveling event was meant to give light to the new concept dedicated to the production of handmade shoes, Italian design by DIS Shoes and coordinated by the PR Matteo Molle.

And ‘the new way of understanding shoes. Level materials, industrious that take care of every detail, the smell of leather polished … its handmade signed DIS, he tells of a new concept where the creativity of every fan of the genre, comes to life with interactivity. The audience welcomed (by invitation only in the first part of the evening), will be accompanied by a long process of implementation of the shoe, through sections of Shoe Making that tell the different steps of the production of a shoe. It will start from a corner Shoe Care, in which multiple information dedicated to the care of the shoes, will be suggested to the curious customers who will continue to the Shoe Glossary, created to share and to familiarize all the technical terms and concepts specific to the sector. During the evening it will be presented the men’s collection and a preview of the national women’s collection. At each step the visitor can test the bill shoes, each time combined with a cocktail and a dedicated finger food, enjoyed the tune of DJ Thomas De Lorenzo.

By the skilled hands of the craftsmen, who with passion and valuable tools, they work the best leather in Europe, the guest will have the chance to live the experience of a shoe iconic and completely hand-made, fully understanding what a shoe can make the difference. During the evening, there will be the projection of DIS – The Making of the video produced by the Marche, which must focus on the craftsmanship, the uniqueness of the products and the attention to detail. A trip along the boot, which started from Porto Recanati and will include visits to Rome, then turned to Florence and Milan. The aim of the project is to immerse the customer in a real sensory experience, interactive, created thanks to the collaboration and support of Vesta Srl, Varnelli Distillery, cellar and beer Poisonous Kuka, with the coordination of the care that Matteo Molle break Capitoline.