The Micam 85 (Milan) from February 11 to 14 – at Pavilion 03 stand L03 –

DIS inaugurates 2018 in the name of the absolute avant-garde: DIS-Design Italian Shoes launches at The MICAM 85 the innovative “In-Store Customization Service”, the first one in the world

It’s the Industry 4.0 era: it’s time for the future of In-store Shoes Customisation

Thanks to DIS the future of digital innovation today enters the store: in order to revolutionize the selling process and to offer customers a unique buying experience, fully personalized.

Inside the innovative store for DIS shoe customization – born from the evolution of the 3D Shopping Experience – thanks to the Totem Touch Screen the customer will experience a real emotional journey while designing his ideal shoes. Through the built-in 3D biometric scanner, which is the latest version of the digital scanning technology, DIS is able to suggest the right size to buy among the whole range of shapes and models: customers can choose among sporty and casual shoes, classic formal shoes, elegant shoes for ceremonies or exclusive shoes made of premium precious leathers, according to their taste and be free to express their creativity. They will touch the materials and all the parts their shoes are made of, while the shoes themselves can be visualized in real time on the screen of the innovative 3D configurator.

DIS store will be fitted with proximity sensors – the devices for the automatic recognition of the displayed products – in order to accelerate the personalization and selling operations. Moreover, customers can buy their shoes directly by their smartphone and avoid waiting for the check-out operations while choosing to have their shoes delivered at the store or at home. Thanks to DIS innovative system, it will be also possible to recognize customers’ future purchases: by ascribing the origin to a specific selling point and by applying some online marketing actions focused on the tastes and purchasing habits of the customer himself.

DIS Customization Service perfectly fits with stores which offer custom-tailored clothes: like the tailor’s atelier. The solution featured by DIS has already obtained a wide interest among department stores and international boutiques: from Japan to China, from Russia to the U.S.A. and Europe, because it allows to drastically reduce the retail space, while offering a better service economically and for the product offer, and while rekindling customer’s interest in the physical store.

“Within a global economic scenario that is undergoing a strong development, we must rethink also the ideas of production and sale: this is why DIS thought to offer its innovative customization service even inside the store, through an omnichannel selling platform which optimizes both the producing and the economic sides, by making ‘on demand’ products only once they’ve been sold, and the customer care service, who will be able to have a pair of shoes that truly expresses his taste and fits perfectly, also in case of big sizes” explains Francesco Carpineti, DIS founder.

DIS fashion news: the Woman Line is getting rebooted and increased

At the MICAM 85 DIS also discloses the preview of the new shoe line dedicated to Women, which is going to complete the In-store Customization Service and to satisfy the female desires, the main part of the shoe trade audience.

The Woman Line too, like all DIS shoes, is handcrafted in Italy by the artisans of Le Marche district using premium quality leathers: the models are divided into different collections following the kind of use, and all the styles are interpreted according to DIS motto. Be different, Be yourself!

  • “Evening”, the shoe collection for the classy evening: it includes smooth and double upper décolleté with the captivating high heel, all the shoes are brightened up by elegant tints with multicolor patterns and by DIS iconic laminated silver leather
  • “Wedding”, the dream collection of the brides: it includes sandals, which rise up on heels shaped on different heights, which are made of pearl white color leathers and are embellished with shiny details, like the sparkling original Swarovski crystal decorations
  • “Manager” e “Weekend”, the collections for the formal occasions and for leisure moments: dressing for work with elegance, this is the mood used by DIS to design a collection of slingback décolleté with the kitten heel, shoes that are characterized by ton sur ton leather matching for creating the sophisticated smooth-mat contrast, while for the weekend the sandals become multicolor and the heels drop and extend, gaining comfort and versatility.
  • “Business”, for the woman who likes the appeal of the androgynous style: the collection includes the models that are still listed on the catalog – Chelsea Boots, Oxfords, and mocassins – which are embellished with some details and leathers having shiny colors

Of course, there will be also DIS shoes that give an artistic twist to the customization of the casual and street style: the hand-painted unisex sneakers and sporty shoes.